Payroll Solutions

Our Goal 

To reduce a burden faced by all businesses by providing up-to-date information on tax changes and a variety of payment options for your workers.

Why Choose Us? 

Running a business is great – being your own boss, growing a company. However, having too many responsibilities, navigating tax laws, and managing employees are the worst parts of owning a business.
E&Q Payroll helps reduce these burdens by making some of the most complicated parts of running a business simple, flexible, and easy. By letting us handle this burden we give you back some of the time you deserve to concentrate on agency-building efforts that will improve your product or service.

We Provide You With 

  • Perfect payroll for small to medium sized businesses, startups, and sole proprietors
  • Preparation of all payroll related reports including employee W-2’s and independent contracts 1099’s
  • Payment plans for yourself and workers that are either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Calculations for wages, deductions and withholdings

Free Payroll Calculators 

The calculators below are powered by Abacus Payroll Inc. and can provide you with an estimate on some numbers concerning payroll. To get more guidance and speak with an expert please call us at 201-488-4060 or click here to use our contact form.