Saving On Your Basic Bills Program

What Does This Program Offer? 

This program is designed such that both individuals and businesses have an opportunity to lower their monthly bills on a variety of services such as phone, internet, and even utility bills.

 How Can I Get Started?

The way it works is that you would take a visit to E&Q Tax and we would get some information about the services you currently pay for. Then, we would inform you of the latest offers available for lowering your monthly bill on your services. If you’re satisfied with the new low monthly bill we can offer you then we will start the process of contacting businesses to lower your bills.

Call us at 201-488-4060 or use our online contact form by clicking here to make an appointment so that you can take advantage of this saving opportunity today!

Below is a list of services offered for businesses and individuals.

Phone Service
High Speed Internet
Gas & Electricity
Security & Automation
Payment Processing