Financial Calculators

Each topic below when clicked on allows you to access Financial Calculators, powered by CalcXML, for the topic and some planning information for the topic. After getting an idea about the kinds of numbers you will be dealing with by using the financial calculators please feel free to read the planning section and contact us so that we can provide you with the financial planning you need. Call us at 201-488-4060 or click here to use our online contact form.

Credit & Debt

Finding the right balance between credit for a happier present and minimal debt for a financially secure future is certainly a challenge. Nonetheless we at E&Q Tax have the expert knowledge and years of experience to help you plan for your ideal future.

Whether you are concerned about credit for a car


or credit for a new house


you can always rely on E&Q Tax.

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More and more high school students are going directly to a college or university after their graduation and this makes it very important to consider what your family can afford to spend, what scholarship opportunities there are, and what kind of loans are available to you. You don't have to go through this complex financial process alone let E&Q Tax be your guide in financial planning to make your financial future secure.

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To protect your most valuable possessions and the people you care most about in your life it is necessary to purchase insurance that is within your budget and provides you with a satisfactory level of protection. Deciding what kind of insurance, how much insurance, and when to start is a difficult decision and we want to be there to help you plan financially for this decision that will have an impact on your future.

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